1st November – Luang Prabang

2 Nov

Spent a couple of hours updating the website. It is a nice spot, right next to the river and the overhanging trees make it shady.

Next to our camper is one of the tuk tuks that run around all over the city.

The middle of the day was spent just walking around the town. There is lots to see and one road follows the Mekong and the tributary in a big loop. It is shady and the views are good. The road that runs through the centre is the main street for restaurants and is also where the night market is held.

Towards sunset we walked up onto the hill in the middle of town, which is the site of That Phu Si. There are good views of the town, buddhas, a temple, flowers and it is also a good place to see the sunset.

Up close the flowers are really delicate, unlike the stems which have vicious spikes like a rose.

Again the colours of the sky were worth a picture or two … no more we promise!

Walking down from the hill, the path drops in above the night market. It was early and so pretty quiet.

There are loads of things to tempt you but our lack of space in the camper puts us off the shopping. The colours are great.





So once again we looked and bought nothing!


There are lots of restaurants along the main strip, and we chose Thai. We had a large beer (Beerlao 640ml), tea, curry and a stir fry for 62000 kip. That is about 4 pounds 25p, and that was a nice place. You can each much cheaper if you leave the main tourist area!

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