29th October – Villa KeoSeumsack

30 Oct

The hotel is in a good location and only a short walk to town. There is lots of choice around here but this one has good parking and really friendly staff. There seem to be quite a few French and American guests here. They also hosted a big group of UK bikers coming in from China. We have not checked the website yet, but it is http://www.motoexplorers.co.uk.



After a breakfast of eggs, baguette (with butter!) and fresh fruit, we sat on the balcony for a couple of hours and updated the website. It was nice to relax after all the rushing around to exit China.




In the afternoon we wandered around town and generally relaxed. There were lots of tool and car part shops, so Graham could look around and think of the garage and barn that he misses so much!

The kids here still love having their picture taken as long as you show them the results. They often roll around laughing at the pictures. I’m sure that a few more years of tourists will make them slightly less enthusiastic … but for now its nice. We often think that the old cameras that produce an instant print would be great for this sort of trip. Not sure you can still get them?




Walking back to the hotel we saw a big centipede on the pavement covered with tiny ants that were trying to eat it! This would not be a nice one to find in your sleeping bag while camping!


We will continue south tomorrow. Checking the weather it may still be a bit warm down in Vientaine …. maybe we should not rush from the mountains, it is a really nice temperature here!



Sun, sun sun !!

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