24th October – Yangshuo

29 Oct

Yangshuo is a very busy tourist spot. It is the centre for rock climbing, boat trips and cycling on the Li and Dragon river (small and pretty river).

If you would like to spoil yourself in Yangshuo town centre try staying at The Bamboo House Resort. We did not stay but had a great breakfast there. The owner, a lady called Rosie gave us a tour. The bedrooms were fantastic (and some had their own jacuzzi in the room). The rates are good outside the Chinese peak holiday periods. Her website is http://www.bamboohoue.weebly.com and her email is bamboohouse23@hotmail.com.


Most of the rivers look pretty dead in China. You rarely see any life in them and seeing fishermen is quite rare. Not sure if this is due to the pollution or the fact that they are almost all dammed. These rivers seem to be better.

We spent the morning on the website, preparing e-mails to send to Ben for the updates. It is so much better when we can use 3G to connect the computer to the phone. It is then little and often rather than catching up for a week!

In the afternoon we drove to the Yangsuo Mountain Resort to meet up with Ronald who suggested that we take a walk along the river and on into the karst landscape.

There are queues of rafts running down the river, so don’t expect to be on your own. The charge is 150 Yuan per person, about 30 pounds per raft for a couple of hours.

Along the walking path we saw a sort of giant pear shaped grapefruit and some cotton growing.

On the way back through the village we had a chance to look at one of the trucks up close that we had passed everywhere in China. Very basic but reliable, they are used all over China.

Its been good to settle somewhere for a couple of days as we have driven a lot in China, stopping in each place for only one night. Tomorrow we will carry on again, but will not check out of the guest house until midday.

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