15th October – Xian city

18 Oct

We left before 9.00 am for the drive into the city, which took about 45 mins. There was a lot of dodging and weaving as we stood our ground through the traffic. If you are too timid you would never get anywhere. The big bumper helped! We spent an hour or so driving around looking for a hotel that was within the walled city, that had parking and was reasonably priced. We ended up finding a central one for an average of 30 pounds a night for the two nights.

We needed to catch up with the website, wash clothes and get our camera lens repaired if possible. We had not been able to use the main camera since UB. We did not do much in the way of sightseeing, but did walk through to the Bell Tower and the Muslim back streets on our way to a restaurant for lunch. Afterwards we found a Canon Quick Service Centre, who said that if we got the lens to them by 6.00 pm, would have it ready to pick up by 2.00pm on Sunday!! Great service if it works out.



That evening just went around the corner for noodles. Cost 35 Yuan for three, including three portions of noodles, one curry dish with rice and three glasses of grape juice.

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