13th October – Pingyao

17 Oct

It suddenly rained hard in the night and the wind was gusting around the camper and tent. Spring thought she was going to get blown off the hill and so we had to get up in the night and move the camper to give her some shelter from the wind. By the morning the wind had dropped and the sun was out. Lucky as it cleared away the smog. Sometimes, when you are near a power staion the air is not that great!



However today was a clear one, which is apparently quite unusual in this area. When it was time for lunch we pulled off the freeway and dropped into a little village. They were drying and sorting maize.






As normal as soon as you stop the car, interested people pop their head in to take a look. They are not shy!



Marjool liked the trousers that all the little children wear here. They have a big hole so that they can squat to do their business.



We drove most of the day and caught odd glimpses of parts of the Great Wall. We had avoided Beijing and so did not do the normal Great Wall sightseeing visit. We will have to do that another day!



At around 5.00 pm we arrived at Pingyao. It is a walled city that has been preserved and although it has geared up for tourism it is still lived in by many families who have been there for many generations.



We stayed in a little guest house that was 120 Yuan a night for a room.



We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening wandering around the town.



In one little courtyard we saw lots of really brightly coloured decorations. They are used for funerals.



We ate that night in a tiny little restaurant. It cost around 40 Yuan for 3 (about 1.30 pounds each) including beer and tea! We then walked back through all the little antique shops and alleys back to the guest house. Its strange not sleeping in the camper!

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