7th October – Zamin Uud

7 Oct

Camped last night a few hundred meters away from the track (or series of tracks) that still form the main road from UB to China. It was quiet except for the occasional truck heading towards the border.




Again it was warmer again overnight with no frost and so we got up a bit earlier and were on the way by 8.30am. For some reason we normally fiddle around until at least 9.00 am or even 9.30 am. I think as it warms up we’ll spring out of bed earlier and earlier!

Arrived in Zamin Uud at about 11.00 am and went to the customs office in the main railway station. I explained that I needed a ‘manifest’ document that could be used to clear the car through Chinese customs, and a really friendly man, who spoke perfect english said that I could pick up the form at the customs office just inside the first gate at the border crossing. He even phoned ahead so that the customs officer who would issue the form was ready when I arrived. I was also given phone numbers by three people I spoke to, to call if we had any problems! The document cost 3000T (150 pence). Great, we had the missing piece of paperwork. Fingers crossed that our guide for China would have the rest!

Unable to go any earlier into China we will have a couple of days in or around Zamin Uud. Our first impressions have been positive, it is certainly a busy place and everyone we have met so far, or asked for directions, have been really friendly.



Tomorrow we will explore more but for now this is the view of the town from where we are camped.



We rounded the evening off with a few games of boules and then showered with the solar shower. We will use the next couple of days catching up with e mails and refining our plans for China. We need to sort out things that we don’t need to access anymore ….. now that Russia and Mongolia are behind us! Suddenly South East Asia seems like a more reasonable target.



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