21 September – Bayankhongor

22 Sep

Had a photo holiday today and just fiddled with car, sat by the river and went to the market to buy a few odds and ends. The market seems to be where most of the locals buy everything. The stalls are all shipping containers, each selling different items. I needed a watch battery for Marjool and a pin to hold the strap …. I asked the way at a small clothing stall, the man opened a drawer and pulled out the exact battery … 25p! He asked a little girl to run to another stall to find the pin … and she came back with a tobacco tin full of pins. I chose my pin and the price was written down on a sheet of paper .. 5p. It is not normally this easy!


Today is Tom (our sons) graduation day. Well done Tom and sorry we are not there to see you today. Good Ben was there to help you celebrate!




Tomorrow we are heading into the mountains on the way to Tsetseleg. It is supposed to be a beautiful route between two peaks of about 3400m.




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