5th September – Choya

6 Sep

In the morning we drove along the lake for a couple of km, but the areas are used by the military and so were closed. As we were heading back towards the bridge we saw a garden with lovely flowers and when Marjool stopped and asked if we could take a photo, the lady invited us in to take a closer look. She was rightly proud of her efforts.







She had made hanging planters out of plastic bottles.




We then drove back over the bridge to Artybash, and then another 0.5 km before we saw another place to stop …. slow progress but it just looked too good to pass.




Unfortunately we spoilt the view with the last bits of washing …..




We also used the solar shower (thanks Maybins!) to warm water for a rinse off. Works well!




We started back down the road towards Choya and stopped at a village for tea. We would have stayed the night but a few people who were a little worse for wear were difficult to shake off. A lovely place but we thought that it was better to carry on and find a spot next to a house (as normal) in another village. We do not feel threatened, but just not 100% comfortable … better safe than sorry.




We continued to Choya where we immediately felt at home! We drove along a street and spotted a man and a young lady working in the garden. It was father and daughter, and the daughter  (Tanya) spoke good english (although a bit shy to speak it) and perfect german. Marjool’s german is rusty but has practiced quite a lot in Russia and the Baltic states. We were invited to park on the drive which was very kind, and asked in for batter covered potato shapes and tea … yum!



Later in the evening Olga (Tanya’s mother) went out to show us the cow returning home. She was called Palena.



Olga milks the cow twice a day, then uses a separator. She uses the milk and cream, makes all her own butter and cheese and rears her young for meat. She has a calf at the moment. She is actually a teacher and does not have her own field. The cow grazes the common land and eats the waste leaves etc from the vegetable garden. They are not farmers.

They also have a large vegetable garden and store in the cellar to supply them through the winter.

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