3rd September – River Katun

3 Sep

Woke up this morning beside the river. The River Katun that runs along the M52 is wide and fast flowing. Rafting trips are available.

It was a really warm day today, ideal for washing! We were going to wash it in the river and beat it over the rocks ….. even bought a bucket on the way to make it easier. Most shops in small towns and villages don’t have a window here in Russia, just lots of writing on the outside that we can’t read. This one was easier!

In the end the bucket only got used to wash Troopy as a sweet lady called Elvira (who helped us sort out the camping) came to our rescue and offered to arrange for all our washing to be done by the laundry in the hotel/cabins next door. She even delivered it back to us when it was ready. She also told us that wifi was available in the restaurant and so we decided to go over for a drink after banya.


In the afternoon Marjool sorted out the inside of the camper, re-organised food and packed away the now clean clothes. I tried to grease the propshaft again but could not get at one of the grease nipples. Only way to reach was to remove the flange of the propshaft (I know …. yawn!).




Every so often the owners dog rushed under the car and barked at me ….. so many dogs in Russia. I think every house has at least one …. usually more. This one was really sweet!




We met Elvira in the restaurant this evening and chatted in a mixture of Russian, German and English …… we mostly understood each other!

The bucket has been converted into a vegetable store for all the things we pick up in the village camping spots … it’s full!!

Moving on further into the Altai tomorrow.

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