1st September – Gorno Altaisk (Altai Republic)

2 Sep

After leaving the village we drove south east on the M52. The landscape was quite a bit drier and the scenery pleasant rolling hills. The views through Siberia have been fantastic all along and you could see so far in every direction. The roads are excellent and the roadside stops are now more geared to cars and tourists rather than trucks. Driving is easier both because of the road surface and the reduction in traffic.




Today was suddenly warm and sunny again with a temperature around 27 deg C. Every so often you see more groups of dachas as you approach the towns or cities.



As you approach Gorno Altaisk you see the rocky cliffs that were once the banks of the river Ob.




We tried to find a hotel to park and have a shower in, but the first one we asked at were not interested unless we wanted a room. The parking was not very nice anyway. As we drove around we saw lots of nice windows and could not resist yet another picture!



We drove down a couple of residential streets and asked a very nice lady called Natasha. She had a nice smiley face and offered to let us park outside her garage for the night. Thank you!



Tomorrow we have various jobs to do ….. maybe we should find a shower  ….. no shower since …… don’t know when!!





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