25th August – Chistopol – Almetevsk

25 Aug

The lorry park was a nice secure place to stay, not quite as nice as a village camping but a good base to visit Kazan.

We headed out of Kazan to Chistopol where Marat was born and his mother and sister still live. They invited us for a great lunch … It was nice to meet them all. Again lovely people!

On the way to Almetevsk Albert went to pick Marjool a sunflower.

There are lots of large fields in this area with cereal crops and some fields of sunflowers and corn. Albert harvested a few of each! As we got closer to Almetevsk the sunflower oil gave way to crude oil and pumps started to appear in the fields.

When we arrived in the city we were treated to a tour of a company that makes pumps to pump water into the oil wells to displace the oil. It is run by a friend of Marat’s. We will stay at his house this evening, after a Chinese meal and banya!!

On the way to the Chinese, we stopped at the viewpoint that looked over the city and some of the oil pumps.

The area is quite well off due to the oil. People are starting to move into detached houses rather than apartments.

Our host Ilsur. Great smile!


Marat and Valya at the Chinese.



Another great day. Thank you Marat, Valya and Albert and Ilsur!

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