22nd August – Jaroslavl

22 Aug

We followed Vladimir and Liudmila into Yaroslavl to meet Ksysha who was going to give us a tour of the city. There are lots of beautiful buildings, as Yaroslavl is part of the so called ‘golden ring’.  Some of them look as though they are out of a fairytale!




We also visited the museum in the monastery but our tour was cut short for two reasons. Firstly we had to take delivery of 20 liters of ethanol (meths without the methanol) which was the minimum quantity. It is not dyed and so is very clean burning. That should give us enough for ages if it is not confiscated on the Mongolian border!! Secondly we had a TV crew from Yaroslavl TV who wanted to do a bit about our trip on the local news! We spent about two hours for them to make a 2 min feature which appeared on the news at 8.30 pm   …… We didn’t expect that!




The camper was a mess as we had not expected this, but they still wanted to see how it all worked.



Once the fun was over we went to a nice restaurant on the waterfront and had a meal with some of our new Russian friends, Luiba and Mark. Farewells over we drove off to Ivanova with Ksysha, arriving around 5.30 pm.


Wow what a busy few days!




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