19th August

19 Aug

We had a great night’s sleep, it was a really quiet village well away from the road. We had an early breakfast so that we could carry on to Jaroslavl. The lady that we are staying with is called Olga as well! Apparently it is Helen in english, though I can’t work out why. Again she checked that we did not need breakfast … so sweet!




We said our goodbyes and had a few pictures taken!




Another nice person to visit again one day!





We headed off on great roads for most of the way, then made a few errors and ended up on at a dead end where the road no longer existed, even though they were shown on the map. The last 15km was so bumpy that you could not drive more than 20km/hr. Shame as we had to do it twice! The detour cost us about 120km and so we were not going to make it to Jaroslavl in time. We changed our goal to Uglich. On the way we noticed that the houses were starting to get more ornate. Painted different colours and with more flowers in the gardens.




Found a place looking over the Volga River by a big 4 star hotel and had a chat (Russian plus sign language!) with the security man who said that it was fine sleep there and he would keep his eye on us. Not only that he called the reception and asked if we could use the wifi in the hotel! Again we can’t believe how nice people are. Spent a pleasant evening in the bar with the laptop …..

Internet is not easy … although we have a way via the 3G on the phone, it only seems to tether to the laptop near cities. There may be a few days gap between posts. This weekend we are off to a weekend party in a datcha by a lake and so not sure when the next post will be …????? Maybe you need a rest!

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