14th August

14 Aug

Had a nice relaxing day in the campsite, only jobs were a minor repair to the woodgas stove and some washing. It is such a lovely quiet place, that we’d love to return to one day.



The campsite had a rowing boat that you can use, so we thought that we would spend a bit of time on the water exploring.



We were not the only ones on the water. There was a man fishing who had obviously decided that the priority for his fishing boat was comfort. It came well above stability and size!




Having received a number of urgent requests to have a shave, coupled with the fact that I could never tell if my face was clean after a messy sandwich ….. I decided to go back to clean shaven …. at least for a while.



Ahh back to normal!



Last picture from this place is the sauna, which has been fired up for the owner of the campsite.





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