9th August – Gauja National Park

9 Aug

Left the Riga campsite in heavy rain today, and after stocking up with essentials like cakes, fresh bread and chocolate (Marjool likes the Latvian supermarkets!), headed out to the Gauja  National Park. We also tried again in vain to stock up with methylated spirit (denatured alcohol) for our stove. It seems that it is just not available here …. we have tried all the big supermarkets and today went to a huge B&Q type store called Depo. Still no luck. We have enough to last us about another two weeks but need to make sure that we can get it in Russia, otherwise we may have to rethink our cooking set up.

We arrived in Gauja National Park at around 1.30 pm and found a really nice little campsite for 5 Lat, right by the river. It is small and we are the only ones staying there. If this is peak season I would like to see it outside the school holidays. I guess with a population of only 2.4 million people, and more than 500 km of coastline plus numerous lakes and rivers to choose from, it’s not that surprising.



Graham even managed a bit of fishing, one roach and a small perch. Massive splashes in the river so might try again tomorrow!


There are lots of canoes and rubber boats passing by as there is a 231 km 7 day canoe trip down the river, with campsites and little cafes dotted along the route.



As we are starting to think about conserving methylated spirit (just in case), we cooked dinner on the wood gas stove. Managed boiled potatoes, spicy chicken wings and coffee with about four twigs ….



Tomorrow we are going to stay here and sort out all the papers and forms that we need to enter Russia, plus start a bit of Russian revision. We may even read, as we now have some books again. Thanks Natalie and Stuart …. and thanks for taking our Poland guide book and maps back to England! : )


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