29th July – Lithuania!

29 Jul

Diesel Price 4.33 Ltl (£1.11) / Litre and Petrol 4.66Ltl (£1.19) / Litre

Spent some time drinking coffee and using McDonalds free wifi this morning. Nice to chat to Tom and our China travelling companions on Skype (currently in Budapest), and catching up with a few e-mails. We then headed on to the Lithuanian border, which again was completely open and pretty much deserted.

After crossing the border the gentle rolling hills start to become a little higher, but the scenery is still very similar to north east Poland (not surprisingly). There are still lone cows, wooden houses, but the fields are already a different shape. There is also a lot of storks nesting on the top of powerline poles.

We headed south east to the lake area near a town called Veisiejai looking for a place to stop. Firstly we looked in a little campsite that had lovely rustic covered picnic areas and an unusual toilet block.

We decided not to stay at the campsite as lots of people were due to turn up for Friday night and so decided to carry on to the lakes. Just outside the campsite we found a good spot to stop for tea and would have stayed there but someone came and told us that we could not free camp that close to the water.

Our overnight spot tonight is the playground of an abandoned school. While eating an evening snack, a group of young girls from one of the houses nearby asked us in perfect english if we needed anything. They offered us the use of their toilet and fresh water supply (really friendly and made us think that we are in right spot for the night).

As we arrived in Lithuania we had to change our watches 1 hour forward. The nice thing about travelling overland by vehicle is that you don’t get jetlag! Travelled west to east for 3 weeks and still only 2 hours time difference from home.

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