19th July – South West Poland

19 Jul

18th July

Internet not been quite as easy. Have been ‘tethering’ phone to computer to update in the comfort of our camper but not worked so far in Poland. So we are now sitting in Mc D’s!!

Crossed the CZ PL border with no problem or documents needed. Straight into lovely scenery and a National Park called Gor Stolowych. The rock formations were great.

Driving on towards Gluszyca where there are a series of huge tunnels cut into solid rock by 30,000 + POW’s for Hitler in 1942 ish. No one really knows what the plans were for the huge complex of tunnels but there were images of tanks and heavy artillery in the tunnels and so it may be that. The guide spoke in rapid Polish and so it was a bit difficult to understand. Once I know how to add sound bites I will show you what I mean. That along with the sat nav trying to pronounce long polish street names is worth a listen!

On the way to the tunnels we came across a little old lady who had driven into a ditch! I shouldn’t say so but I was quite pleased to have a chance to justify my bumper 🙂

Leaving the tunnels to head towards the lakes at near Nysa (… that looked nice on the map). The scenery was again really lovely.

Now on our way towards Krakow.

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