14th and 15th July

15 Jul

Diesel Euro 1.40, Petrol Euro 1.60 average. More on the autobahn.

Headed off from Holland packed with loads of fruit and vegetables, bottles of wine and Dolfs home made blackberry liquor. Our route took us through Eindhoven, Venlo, and into Germany through Essen, Dortmund and into Sauerland to a place called Battenburg. In Sauerland there are even some small skiresorts, one of the biggest is Winterberg.  The hills aren’t all that high though, only around the 700 metres.  We stopped the night in a camper stop (called a Stelleplatze) which are dotted around the country and are often free. You need to be self sufficient in most of these as there are often no facilities. Great for a quick overnight stop though.

The following day (15th) we drove through pretty villages (most of them very old, with tudor style looking houses), rolling hills and forests.  We are heading slowly east towards the Czech Replublic.  The weather hasn’t been that good, cloudy, very windy and cool. One of the small towns where we stopped was called Alsfeld.

The square was surrounded with old buildings.


Houses are mainly old oak framed structures and twisted with age.


Some of them are clad with wooden shingles.

On the evening of 15th we camped in the car park of the local swimming pool in Hermsdorf.

The twigs and woodchips in the carpark wer great for the woodgas stove. Boiled up water for tea and for washing … free fuel!



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