20th October – Chongqing to Guiyang‏

25 Oct

Today was another long day of driving, covering over 500km on the freeway. The weather was mist and rain all day ….. Unusually no photo stops!

We dropped off the freeway to stop in a small town that had grown up around a railway station and found a friendly family that were happy for us to stay on their drive and for Spring to sleep in their guest room. What we had not realised until after we negotiated with the family, is that there is a railway line just behind the house. During the night trains moved coal to the power stations …. another train every 10 mins!



We went down the road to a local restaurant and met an interesting Italian man who lives in China and is cycling on a tricycle from Shanghai to Dalli. He has had it converted to sleep on/in by making a tent platform that folds out at night. He is really nice and very creative. His website is http://www.soundinner.com. Have a look.



We needed a good nights sleep but  ……… the trains!!!!!!!

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